Marlon Gomez

I currently work for CHET TV and Peace FM in Chetwynd, B.C. as a TV Producer.  CHET TV is one of Canada’s seven community stations that focus strictly on local content. For us, that means we cater to an area that is known as “The Peace Region.” Due to our size, I often have to perform several duties that in bigger channels or production companies are individually assigned. So for example during any given production I may be the director, producer, editor and one of the camera operators. I also have to jump in as a host for our live shows and pre-produced content. Our station focuses mainly on concerts, festivals, community events and working with partners in the community to create content that is valuable to our residents. I am also in charge of filming commercials, advertisement boards and promotional videos that air on TV or get posted online. In addition, there are several duties I must perform on the radio side. These duties range from voicing advertisements, filming interviews and promoting the station online.

I graduated from Humber College with a specialization in broadcast and online journalism. During my time there I received the President’s Honour letter for consistently achieving high grades in the program. Before going to Humber I got my BA in Criminology at the University of Western Ontario. For the past three years I have acquired a great deal of experience writing for TV, radio, online, newspapers and magazines.

Upon graduating I continued to intern for 96.9 FM Radio Humber News where I anchored news segments every half hour. During the segments I covered the latest news, sports, traffic and weather. In addition, I hosted and reported for their award winning radio show called “At Humber”. I also had the opportunity to anchor, produce and do live reports using Dejero technology for Humber TV News.

I have interned at CTV News Toronto where I had the chance to be a chase producer for the six o’clock show and a writer for the eleven thirty show. I covered several cases at the courts on University Avenue, including the sentencing for the man who was charged with the Eaton Centre shooting in 2012. As a writer, I wrote and edited several crime stories within the GTA for the eleven thirty show.

Prior to CTV I was a junior staff writer for Arbitrage magazine, which is now known as Quantumrun. The publication use to focus on writing articles that had a business angle. This allowed me to indulge in my love for technology and write stories that were intertwined with business.

When I’m not filming, you can find me scouring the net watching all types of interviews, documentaries or working on my Creative Canada Radio Series. Otherwise you can find me spending time outdoors or playing sports with friends.



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