CHET TV presents the story of a Metis neighbourhood in British Columbia known as Wabi Crescent. The initial birth of the community was documented in a 16 mm film during the 1970’s and it showed the transition people made from shacks with no running water or electricity to modern homes filled with appliances. Today we have followed up with the residents of Wabi Crescent to talk about the fruits of their labour and showcase how their children have succeeded. (2018)

Executive Director: Leo Sabulsky
Director: Marlon Gomez
Producers: Marlon Gomez and Christopher Raczkowski
Camera: Marlon Gomez and Christopher Raczkowski
Aerial Footage: Brandon Braam
Editor: Marlon Gomez
Graphics: Christopher Raczkowski
Voice-Over: John Stockman
Music: Harley Davis, Northern Lights Drummers, Donna Kay, YouTube Audio Library
Music Composers: Ross Roberts, Mario Vaira – Five Fathom Studios Inc.